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portrait of a swiss crime

central switzerland

"The trouble with this screamingly smug little country," said my Aunt Emma, "is that nothing ever happens!" - So begins the last mystery novel by writer, painter and hotelier Paul Townend. 

The exciting, straightforward and witty story is set in the early 1970s in central Switzerland. Martin, son of the mayor, and his aunt take an active part in the development of the story.


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nuclear power switzerland

In the summer of 1976, the 'greatest spy in Swiss history' is arrested and convicted. A few years later, a blasting site near Steingletscher on the Susten Pass blows up.

Is there a connection between the two events?

A Swiss intelligence officer and his Dutch friend discover a monstrous secret that radiates towards the Federal Palace.

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snail islet

nuclear. blast. lucerne.

Urs Gipser, the Minister of Defence, reads the message and immediately ends his hike. He rushes to the Turrenhuis. A helicopter is landing behind the alpine restaurant. 

            What is happening right now? Is Switzerland being attacked by a foreign power? Politicians, the media and the civilian intelligence service assume a jihadist attack.

            Colonel König from the military intelligence service and his Dutch friend Hendrik, known from "STEINGLETSCHER", follow their own trail. But then the suspected perpetrators are kidnapped.

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