Writer, Hotelier and Painter

Last Novel

«The trouble with this screamingly smug little country», said my Aunt Emma, «is that nothing ever happens!» - So  the last crime novel by Paul Townend begins. 


Paul Townend (1925 - 2009)
spent his childhood and youth in Eastbourne and London, served in the Second World War as an officer in the Royal Naval Air Force. After the war, he travelled to Central Switzerland as a tour guide. In Obwalden, he ran a hotel on Lake Sarnen together with his wife Xenia Dansky. Outside the tourist season he worked as a ghost writer for a famous British crime novelist, published four of his own crime novels and painted numerous watercolours of Swiss landscapes.


By selling numerous watercolours, he was able to supplement his old-age pension and thus visit his homeland (Sussex, Kent, Devon, Somerset, Dorset, West Midlands, London) frequently. At the same time he was commonly very much accepted by the locals.

Portrait Of A Swiss Crime:

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